10 of the Hottest Promotional Products for Summer

The summer season offers a perfect opportunity to provide customers and prospects practical and timely items that will duly promote your business and keep your brand top-of-mind while they are out and about. Here are some perennially popular summer promotional products that your customers will enjoy as they try to beat the heat.

Style-Savvy Summer Promotional Products

Try these wearable promotional items on for size:

  1. Tote Bags – Send your logo packing…literally! With a beach, shopping or other tote bag your message will be infinitely mobile.
  2. Sunglasses – All clientele will enjoy having an extra pair of shades to wear at the beach, park, amusement park, on vacation or just knocking around town. As others converse with the wearer, your brand will be unmistakable.
  3. Beach Towels – A beach towel is a practical – and sizable – piece of signage for spreading your brand message. It also has a long shelf life that customers can appreciate as they use the towel season after season.
  4. T-Shirts – One of the most popular ways to promote your company is putting a logo on a t-shirt. And with good reason. T-shirts are worn everywhere during the summer – the beach, the gym, shopping, restaurants, sporting events…nearly everywhere. The right design, color and message can be a huge home run.
  5. Hats – During summer hats are a go-to way to stay cool, also offering an incredible visibility for a logo or corporate message. There is a vast range of styles, colors, and sizes to fit everyone’s taste – from visors and baseball caps to straw and summer hats among a multitude of other options.

Cool Summer Promotional Products

Here are other practical and apropos ways to advertise your brand during the summer season:

  1. Ice Chests and Coolers – Since these come in all shapes and sizes, there is surely a container that fits your budget and brand marker. Clients will keep this public-use item on hand for years to come.
  2. Frisbees and Summer Fun – It’s always a good idea to pick a promotional product that facilitates your clients’ happy frame of mind. Adding joy to a client’s life, and that of their family, is extraordinarily easy with so much branded toy merchandise on the market.
  3. Sports Bottles and Tumblers – Sport bottles are increasingly the go-to amid reports of landfills filled with disposable plastic water containers. This portable, increasingly popular promotional item helps keep your clients hydrated during the hot weather while maintaining their Earth-friendly values.
  4. Fans – Particularly useful for sporting, company or other outdoor events, fans brandished with your brand are hard to miss when they are waiving to and fro.
  5. Beach Chairs – Why not go big and gift the ultimate beach accessory – a lounge chair. Your brand image on an item of this size simply will not be missed by the recipient…or throngs of passers by.

Seasonal Summary of Summer Product Ideas

When planning your strategy for summer promotional products, remember these tips:

  • Summer promotional items can be to wear or to use, all with your logo.
  • Select items especially suited for outdoor use in public areas to spread your message.
  • Pick products that have a longer life so users place a higher perceived value based on their being able to use the item for many seasons to come.

Source: 10 Hot Summer Promotional Products That Pull

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