Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

One of the dreams of many adults in North America is to own your own business. To have the title of Boss and enjoy the freedom that comes with that title is the ultimate success story. Merriam-Webster defines an Entrepreneur as one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. This basic definition reminds us that becoming an entrepreneur is perhaps as not as glorious as it sounds, but with hard work and balance it can become as fulfilling as the age old saying deems it to be. Many business owners would contest that the greatest gift of owning their own business is the freedom it presents for more personal or family time. Owning a business provides many advantages like time; building your own schedule and allowing flexibility for more of your personal life, all things coveted in your normal 8-5 workplace.  What is mandatory in an Entrepreneur is the discipline to manage the two. Too much personal time means less productivity, which leads to no business. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Scheduling: To be able to enjoy the freedom of owning your own business, you need to be successful. In order to be successful you must actually work. Nail down your schedule and work your full eight hours; whether it is 4 hours during the day while the kids are at school, then 4 more after they have gone to bed. You have the advantage of flexibility remember? Just make sure to put a full day’s work in whenever and however that may be.

In the Office: Especially at the beginning, a business owner will start his or her company out of their home. Be sure to have a space specifically designated for your work space. More importantly, during your “office hours” don’t let household chores distract you. Do not switch the laundry over or take the dog for a quick walk. Get into the mindset of “clocking in” during your scheduled work hours at home; those minor distractions have to wait.

Train Family & Friends: No, you’re not training your cousin to come work for you. You are training your family and friends to respect you as a business owner. Be sure that those people in your life understand the importance of your time and the seriousness of your situation as an entrepreneur. Train the kids that when the phone rings during business hours, it is quiet time and make sure Aunt Jenny knows you can’t have a lunch date every day. Their support of your company will be immensely helpful in your journey as a business owner.

Once you have nailed down your steps to a successful business/personal balance, try to share this gift with your employees if possible. With some trust and a great working relationship, you can ensure your employees have the same flexibility in their lives and still have the work get done in a timely and professional fashion.  Entrepreneurship can be extremely satisfying. With hard work, discipline and the support of loved ones, that dream of owning your own business and succeeding is attainable.

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George Klare, Co-Owner of Proforma Design Management provide total solution support including brand management, print, promotional, and e-solution products. George's objectives in the business world of Marketing is to educate customers and their staff to gain exposure in creating more business opportunities that allows them to drive revenue gains within their businesses. As business partner to his wife, Kimberly, together they strive to grow each day personally, growing their business with continued success by spreading the excellent offerings their company has to offer and gaining the freedom to enjoy their family and assist in helping their amazing children gain their personal goals in life in turn.

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