‘Driving’ Analytics with Golf Season Fast Approaching


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Over the past week I’ve felt the sudden urge to golf. Maybe it’s the spring like weather that I’ve been experiencing in the middle of January. It may also have something to do with meeting suppliers that sell golf related products or the fact that I am working on a trip to the PGA National Resort in Florida. I even have sleeves of Titleist Pro V1s on my desk. Golf is everywhere!

Before I go any further I have to admit that I am a terrible golfer. I struggle to hit a straight drive, I frequently 3-putt and I have a strong attraction to water. My short game is my only saving grace. I don’t practice or play enough to really step up my game and excel where I fall short. In fact, I haven’t hit the links in over 2 years, which could also contribute to the itch that I currently have.

Knowing my game is rough, (pun intended) I searched for a way to improve that didn’t require the investment of a coach or hours of videos telling me to keep my head down, follow through and not to over rotate my wrists. Surprising to me, I found something that can speak to me and most business professionals…analytics.

Arccos Golf has created a sensor that you plug into the grip of your clubs that connects wirelessly to your iPhone to provide you live shot tracking and analytics based on a GPS rangefinder built within the sensor. With this technology, one should be able to hit more greens in regulation, improve handicap and also know which part of their game they are actually good at and improve the rest

But how will it work?

The sensor will be able to tell you your true distance using each club in your bag based on the average distance of each stroke and let you know the best option for each shot moving forward as long as you are able to put your ego aside. We all know there was that one time you hit a 320 yard drive over a lake so you didn’t have to lay up. Don’t plan on hitting that shot anymore.

You will also know approach distances to the front middle and back of the green so you have no excuse to hit over the green anymore. Unless you blade the ball, in which case you are able to take a mulligan and update your statistics live on your iPhone. But then you have to live with the fact you used a mulligan…and it tracks those as well.

For me this sounds like a homerun. Who knew you could pull analytics and statistics from you’re your golf game so easily. However, as great as all this sounds, we all know the human element will play the ultimate role in whether or not you will improve your game. At the end of the day you still need to swing the club, you still need to hit the ball and you still need to make the putt.

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