6 Ways to Repurpose your Best Content


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Creating impactful content that appeals to your target audience may mean hours of creative brainstorming and work. With all that time and energy put into one piece of content, you want to gain as much as you can from it, right? Utilizing your content in a variety of ways over several platforms is the best way to get the most bang for your buck and gives your already created content a longer shelf-life. Once you’ve decided on a great piece of content worth sharing again, here’s a list of strategies to transform your idea and build your brand.

  1. Write a Blog
    Creating a blog post or article is often the starting point of content. Whether you’re starting here or using a blog to repurpose an already crafted piece, this is a great method to make your content searchable to a large audience. If you don’t have your own blog, try serving as a guest blogger on an established and successful site.
  2. Make a Video
    Although some may love to read a lengthy article, this won’t appeal to everyone. Filming yourself summarizing the story, while keeping it fun and lighthearted, is a great way to get your information to those that prefer video as a means of delivery. Don’t like to be on camera? No problem, a voice-over slideshow is a great option too.
  3. Share with the Audience
    Making your audience aware of your content is key to getting them to interact with it. A weekly newsletter emailed directly to their inbox may just be the extra push you need. Make sure to transform the content in some way by including images, a condensed overview or an introduction that links to the original article or video.
  4. Create a Case Study
    A case study is a great tool to summarize a project you’ve completed and showcase your abilities to future prospects and clients. The case study should focus on the steps you took to ensure your client’s satisfaction, how you overcame any challenges and the overall success of the project. Who knows, you may just grab the attention of someone looking for the same products or services.
  5. Develop an Infographic
    Infographics are eye-catching visuals that provide a ton of information to your readers. When done correctly, they can be a highly informative and easily understood representation of your content. Share them through email, on social media or as a supplemental piece to enhance the understanding of your article.
  6. Share to Social
    Social media is an amazing tool to getting your content out there. Post a summary of your content to Facebook with an image, link it to the original article or video on Twitter with a short description or use LinkedIn’s platform to tell your story in full and reach an even larger audience. Check out this blog article for tips and tricks to sharing successfully on social.

When you’re reusing the same content across several platforms, remember not to just funnel the same content into different mediums and hope for the best. This process is all about using the same central idea in a variety of innovative and interesting ways. To truly make your content work for you, it needs some updating to fit each medium along the way.

If you’ve already put the time and energy into creating a great piece of content, take full advantage of your efforts and let your story go further while connecting with your audience and building your brand.

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