11 Keys to Great Success in Life and Business: Key #7 Be Accountable

Key #7: Be Accountable
The key difference between big businesses and small businesses is that big businesses are driven by timely accountability. Big businesses have boards of directors/advisors to whom management needs to report.

If you want to maximize your results you need to be accountable.

Most small business owners started their business because they wanted independence. I get it. But too much of any good thing can be unhealthy… including independence.

On your own and all alone can be a recipe for disaster… or at least mediocrity. There are only three levels on the road to starting a business and maximizing wealth.

Level 1: Fear. Most business owners experienced some level of fear when they made the leap of faith to step out on their own.

Level 2: Comfortable. Small business owners experience this level once they are past the fear of failure and are feeling assured that everything is going to be ok. There’s enough money for the house payment, the car payment, children’s school payments, etc. Comfortable.

Comfortable can be a great deceiver. The work small business owners need to do to maximize their success and create wealth can be just a little harder and a little more uncomfortable than the daily routine of a comfortable business owner. It’s easy for a business owner that’s comfortable financially to “fool themselves” that they are working hard when in fact they are not working smart and not working on maximizing their success.

Level 3: Wealthy. Wealth can only be achieved by most people by focusing on the right activities and pushing past the comfortable activities and routine. This is where being accountable can be the key to success. We all need a pat on the back… or a kick in the butt from time to time to keep us moving in the right direction. That’s the role of a board of directors/advisors. To help us stay focused on the right activities and to keep us moving in the right direction.

It’s true that we get out of others what we inspect NOT what we expect. The same is true for us. To maximize our success we must be accountable. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

If you do not have a board, if you don’t have timely accountability for yourself and your business, let me encourage you to find a few successful business friends and ask them to be your board of advisors. They will feel complimented and you will assuredly change the trajectory of your success.

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Stay tuned next time for the 8th key to achieving great success in life and business.


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