3 Technology Trends Guaranteed to Make a Big Impact with Your Clients

As a sales and marketing professional, there’s no doubt that you’ve had to find creative ways of delivering your brand’s message to prospective and current customers. At times, product driven branding can be a challenge. While it’s well documented that pens, bags and apparel are great vehicles to keep your brand top of mind with consumers, they may not fit all occasions. Tradeshows, job fairs and dealer exhibits are fine examples of occasions where traditional products may be a fit. They are affordable and will stick with the consumer.

In comes an opportunity to really wow your top-tier client. This is where we need to think outside the proverbial box and find items that are not only creative but demonstrate your ability to align with top retail trends. Here are three examples of trending technology items that will make a big impact with your clients.

  1. 3D Virtual Reality Glasses
    3D VR Glasses are all the rage in today’s retail market, forging an industry around them including app development, gaming and video production. This is the perfect gift for clients on the cutting edge of technology who might need a getaway.
  2. High Definition Action Camera
    HD Cameras are great gift items for the sports junkie in all of us. They are perfect for capturing those hard to capture moments whether it be on the water or on the court. Your clients will love this item that features your brand, front and center.
  3. Remote Control Drone with Camera
    Remote Control Drones are a hot retail item that has recently hit the market. With an on-drone camera, you can take still photos or video up to 330 feet. An ideal gift for the client who enjoys being outdoors.

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