Start Thinking like a PR Pro to Earn Media Coverage Today

Public relations is an excellent tool for getting your company’s name out there by earning coverage from media outlets, both local and national. Once you recognize the value of public relations you may find it difficult to identify interesting topics to write about and share to the media. In order to earn great coverage and get people talking about your business, you’ll need some creative ideas to get started. To overcome the creative bump in the road, start by asking yourself a few questions:

What makes me stand out from others in my industry?
A great first step to coming up with topics to write about is understanding what makes you different from your competition. Do you have a slightly different business model? Are your products produced through a unique medium? Talk about it!

Do I have a grand opening, luncheon or event coming up?
If you’re hosting some sort of event, this is a great opportunity to bring attention to your event and your company. Utilizing public relations will not only help to increase attendance, but will paint your name in a positive light in your community. A short press release can do wonders for promoting your event and your business.

Am I giving back to the community in some way?
If you answered yes to this question, good for you! You have a great opportunity to gain some PR for helping your community. If you answered no, then you may want to rethink this. Not only is giving back to the community great for PR, but it shows you care about the community you live and work in and are dedicated to making it a better place.

Have I won any awards recently or received recognition?
Once you’ve won an award or received recognition for your work, don’t stop there! This is a great opportunity to announce your achievements to the local papers. Let your community know about the great things you and your company are doing to bring a spotlight on the area you live in.

Do I have an interesting hobby, skill or ability?
Is there something that makes you unique that others may not know? Whether you’re the lead singer in a band on the weekends, have completed several races for charity or are the first in your family to become an entrepreneur, there’s always a story in the things that make you unique.

Do I have a unique client or serve a specialty market?
We often overlook the day-to-day running of our business but, the truth is, what we do every day could be something really special and interesting to others. Leverage your run-of-the-mill business day to position yourself as an expert in a certain industry, with a certain type of client or in a specialty market. Not only will your community look up to you for the recognition, but it’s more likely to drive similar business your way.

Identifying topics to write about in public relations doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Thinking about yourself and your business in a different light is all it takes to spark some great ideas to get your name in the press and boost awareness of your company.

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