3 Reasons to Be a Guest Blogger

As the rise of digital media is in full swing, marketers are looking for new ways to get noticed. Pay Per Click, native ads and ads via social media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / etc.) are a great way to drive traffic but most users are aware that they’re clicking on an advertisement. There’s little value given, and really, the user may have clicked because they were offered an appealing deal with little loyalty after the initial purchase.

No harm, no foul. And this very well may be part of your digital marketing strategy which is great if it works for you. Another area that can draw in a crowd (without having to pay for it) is blogging. Creating content that provides value to users is a great way to build your reputation, authority and make yourself memorable. Regardless if you have your own blog or not, being a guest blogger, especially within your industry, helps to lay the foundation of being memorable.

1.    Blogging is easier than you think
We all aren’t cut out for writing, there’s no doubt about it. For some it’s natural while others find writing a worse task than being stranded on the side of the road with two flat tires. The good news is that blogs these days are primarily formatted in lists. So long as you can think of a few points you want to hit on, you can blog! And even better yet, ghost blogging is a legitimate thing! Find someone in your office who likes writing and ask them to interview you, then to pen the message in your voice. It happens more than you might think!

2.    Riding the coattails of friends isn’t a bad thing
Let’s say you’re in an industry where everyone is connected in one way or another – believe me, these industries exist. Identify the leading blog in your industry and find an in to become a guest blogger. Assuming you have a blog of your own, creating original content there as well as on another site of high authority via Google will create awesome exposure!

3.    Speaking of awesome exposure…
Ever done a simple Google search for something like “trending promotional products,” or any phrase for that matter, to learn more about a specific topic? When you become a guest blogger, think like your customer when it comes to search phrases. If you do your homework and title your article appropriately, coupled with a blog that is established and has authority, you may just find yourself atop page 1 someday.

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