3 Reasons to Implement A Call to Action Marketing Strategy

As the disciplines of sales and marketing become more intertwined thanks to modern age of instant connectivity, we find that there’s a need now more than ever to ensure that marketing initiatives have a strong call to action marketing strategy. Many times we see that brands are incredibly active with both digital marketing as well as with their strategy for hard goods like USB drives, mugs or sales collateral. Activity is a great way to create awareness and build buzz about the brand or a potential product launch, as an example, but without the call to action, all may be lost.

Here are three reasons a call to action marketing strategy is worthwhile:

  1. Scarcity
    Implementing a CTA marketing strategy is great for limited time offers. If consumers believe that they have but a short window of time to take advantage of a price reduction or that quantities are limited, they may be more inclined to make the purchase. While we want to be careful about our consumers having buyer’s remorse, impulse is a great way to get your buyers to take immediate action.
  2. Trial
    Ever wondered why those late night infomercials are just asking their viewers to ‘give it a try’? We hear this all the time but in most instances don’t think twice about it. This is a sales strategy that encourages the buyer’s mind envisioning themselves actually using the product as a test or on a trial basis. Almost as if they aren’t committing to it entirely, all the while they’re picking up the phone to make a purchase.
  3. Movements
    Consumers, in many cases, want to feel like they’re a part of a group or social movement. Think about that time you were on Facebook browsing your feed and saw that an article was just shared by six of your friends. Doesn’t that peak your interest? It probably even got you to read, like or share the article as well. Being a part of the bigger picture, or the in-crowd that’s up with the times is a subtle social norm we can see in plain sight. Creating content that moves the masses can drive traffic to your CTA – you just need to know your audience.

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