3 Reasons To Implement A New-Hire Survey

I went out to dinner a few days ago and was surprised by a small machine sitting to the side of our table. I have seen and used these machines before and I’m sure you have too. It has the restaurant’s menu on it so you can place your food and drink order without waiting for a server, you can play games while waiting for your order to arrive and you can pay the bill without waiting for your server to come back. I’ve used these machines on several occasions, but this time I noticed something different. After using the machine to pay my bill, it had a survey asking me to rate my dining experience. This made me think… if a restaurant can ask me immediately after I had dinner about my dining experience, can I use this for recruiting purposes? You bet I can!

A new-hire survey can provide you and your company with valuable information on the recruiting/hiring process. Here are three reasons why you should implement a new-hire survey with your company.

  1. Learn how they found you. If you can learn where the new-hire originally heard about the job and what attracted them to you, you’ll be able to attract other candidates like them.
  2. Improve the recruiting/hiring process. What did they like/dislike? What were the best/worst parts of the process?
  3. Improve the effectiveness of your selling process. What were the most effective/least effective selling points?

At the end of the survey, you can include a section for them to refer people to your organization. The person should be excited and looking forward to starting with a wonderful company like yours, so take advantage of that excitement and see if they know any other people who may be looking for a new opportunity.

In my next blog, I’ll dive deeper into the three reasons why you should implement a new-hire survey and provide you with some sample questions to get the most feedback from your new-hires.


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