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3 Tips for Killer Social Media Content

Is your social media working for your brand but lacking inspiration and creativity? Focusing on designing content that works for your brand while being engaging and interesting for the target audience may seem like a challenge.

Below are three tips for creating killer content on your social media accounts that your audience will want to look at.

Consistency in Social Media is Key.

Creating a visual brand guide can set the tone for consistency by outlining what imagery will be shared and what filter will unify the photos and/or videos. Including “writing rules” for any copy that will supplement each post in this guide will help you convey a clear tone that appeals to your target audience. The guide may outline the use of emojis, slang, geographic references, trending topics, tags, hashtags and other aspects of your brand voice that will appeal to the audience and encourage engagement with the content. When social media content is consistent, it becomes a part of a brand’s image.

Own It.

By creating brand guidelines, content is sure to be original and representative of the brand. While finding inspiration from others and keeping up with trends is important, it’s more important to make each post unique to the individual brand through the use of an original image accompanied by a clever caption that includes trending hashtags or phrases.

There is Significance in Simplicity.

When in doubt, start simple and see what resonates with the target audience. Choose a simple design and post it often. Oftentimes a simple, yet chic look sticks with the audience the most. When something is working, expand and add to it while keeping in mind that many times, less is more.

Review Your Social Media Content

Next time a social media post is being planned, evaluate the content for consistency, originality and simplicity.

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