4 Steps to Living the Charged Life

Charged-GraphicRecently, I learned about a powerful message from bestselling author and personal development trainer, Brendon Burchard about the difference between living a caged life, a comfortable life and a charged life. In short, a caged life is one where you are held back by fear or your own misconceptions about a difficult situation, a comfortable life is one where you do not push yourself to grow or move forward and a charged life is when you use passion, energy and more to live the life of your dreams. Though these concepts seem simple enough, many people find themselves stuck in their current ways of living, unable to change or develop.

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to share with you four steps that will help you break free from your current lifestyle and start living the charged life today!

1.    Take responsibility for yourself: Several people who live the caged life blame others for their own misfortunes and wait for outside circumstances to change. Don’t fall into this trap! Be sure to realize that you are responsible for the choices and actions that you make. Therefore, if you aren’t happy with your current lifestyle, only you have the power to change it. Believe in yourself and know that if you put in the work and passion to life a better live, you will.

2.    Leave your comfort zone: The moment you leave your comfort zone is the moment you decide that you won’t settle for what is comfortable, and this can be beneficial in many ways. Some of these ways include the opportunity to learn more about something you haven’t normally been able to experience, the ability to challenge yourself in expanding your horizons and the power to live with excitement and curiosity for new adventures. All of these are powerful tools in helping you strive for a happier lifestyle.

3.    Do what makes you passionate, consistently: Many times, people get caught up in their regular lives and find it hard to make time for the things they truly enjoy. Whether it is as simple as listening to music, playing your favorite sport or creating art, make sure that you set aside time on a regular basis to fuel your passions. Doing so will ensure that you live a healthier, more energized life because that enthusiasm will carry over into other aspects of your life. Feeling inspired is contagious, so be sure to do the little things to turn your passions into big things.

4.    Get excited about your future: It is quite normal and common for people to feel nervous or afraid of what lies ahead in their lives. This fear can be caused by not knowing what the future holds. Though this ambiguity can be daunting, it is very important to feel excited about it anyway. The future will be full of new opportunities, learning experiences, challenges and more that will help you grow as a person and help you move toward your dreams and desires. So stay positive! Know that, no matter what happens, you have so much to be excited about.

If you find yourself caged or comfortable, I encourage you to follow these steps or listen to Brendon’s original message here.  Remember that you have the choice and the ability to improve your life and get charged!

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