4 Tips When Creating An Ad Video

Using video to promote your product or brand on the web is one of the quickest ways to spread your message. 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, the thought of creating a video for your small business was just a pipe dream.  Now, with YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, the technology at the tip of everyone’s fingers,  and video being uploaded at a rate of 35 hours per minute, it’s not only possible, it’s necessary. The last sentence is both exciting and exhausting. Exciting in the sense that the possibilities are endless; you very well could strike viral gold with the right set of circumstances. Exhausting in the sense that with literally tens of millions of videos out there, what makes yours so special? Below are 4 tips to consider when creating a video for your brand or product, followed by a great example.

1.  Production Value
Chances are good you’re not working with a huge budget and that’s fine. Some of the most watched and most successful viral campaigns have almost zero production value! Unless you’re a professional, don’t use digital effects. They can look cheesy and tend to turn a viewer off.  This is a better approach then spending hours on something that will actually detract from your content. (And please, DON’T use Comic Sans or Papyrus. If you don’t know why, just trust me.)

2.  Be Creative
Remember, we’re on a budget here so creativity is key. Try and think of a way to get your message across in a fun creative way. Most viral videos are as popular as they are because of something funny, or touching, or incredible. The actual product often times becomes secondary to the content. Get the viewers on your side and then showcase your product.

3.  Video Length
Keep it short. Keep it simple. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. YouTube viewers are like hyperactive kids with the world’s largest remote and millions of channels to choose from. You don’t want to lose them. The shorter the better.

4.  Promote
Viewers aren’t going to magically find you. Once your video is uploaded you’ve got to promote it. Post it to your Google+ account, Facebook page, tweet it out, embed it into an email blast, etc. Do whatever you can to get it in front of as many eyes as you can. If it’s good enough, it will hopefully start to spread on its own.

Watch this video and keep reading to find out what it got right.

1. Besides a few simple titles at the beginning and the end this ad for mega-companies, Apple and Friskies. They used little more than a camcorder and some cute cats. They are being intentional in making this look amateur to give it more credibility. (again simple, no rainbows, flashing words, or crazy effects)

 2. This video isn’t explaining to you how great Friskies is compared to other cat foods, or how awesome the iPad is. It’s giving you a little entertainment with the expected goal being that you now appreciate that brand a little more.

 3. Clocks in at 1:39.

4. Again, if the video works, it will start to promote itself. Example? I just advertised for Friskies and Apple because cats are cute.




  1. 4 Tips When Creating An Ad Video — check out these helpful tips to ensure success when you create your next video!

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