5 Apps to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Social Media

Image courtesy of Gratisography.com

Image courtesy of Gratisography.com

In today’s somewhat over saturated marketplace, there are many social media apps right at your fingertips. Not only do you have the original apps for each social media platform, but there are apps that help you utilize each platform as effectively as you can.

Here is a list of my top five apps to help you get the most out of your social media platforms:

1.    HootSuite (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+): HootSuite is a social media management app, which is best used for brand management. With its dashboard style design, users have the ability to see content and create content across multiple social media platforms.

Users have a variety of publishing features to utilize such as message scheduling, geo-targeting and RSS feeds. HootSuite also offers different ways of monitoring, such as creating search streams, search by @mentions and hashtag, filter by geo-location and many more.

2.    Paper (Facebook): This beautiful new app allows each user to view their News Feed and explore and share stories from their friends, just as the regular Facebook app allows. What Paper offers that Facebook does not is the ability to set up sections about your favorite topics.

With a natural swipe of your finger you can browse your Facebook News Feed in a new layout, communicate with friends and share likeable media. Paper gives you the experience of ease and beauty, and utilizes iOS 7 in an incredible, yet unfamiliar way.

3.    Flow (Instagram): Instagram is an amazing social media platform, which allows users to capture and share moments of their lives from their mobile devices. Flow is an app that is specifically designed for iPad usage and offers an amazing browsing experience. The app is fast loading, with carefully crafted interactions.

Flow utilizes the advanced design of iOS 7 in a way not yet seen by the photo/video sharing platform. Users are able to search and bookmark hashtags, users and places and discover top accounts. It also offers video playback with full-screen and airplay.

4.    Tweepi (Twitter): Tweepi is an amazing tool for those users who do not have an attachment to their current following. This app allows you to quickly “clean” your Twitter profile. The “flush” option shows a list of people you follow that do not follow you back, which you can then choose the option to get rid of them. Tweepi then offers you the “force to unfollow” feature, which allows you to unfollow users that are undesirable.

After your crazy clean up, the app lets users “reciprocate” and follow people who are already following you. Tweepi is there to help you make the best and most useful interactions possible.

5.    CardMunch (LinkedIn): This app is a great tool for anyone on-the-go. It offers its users the ability to take a picture of a business card, which then populates into a contact form. You can then save this form into your smartphone or send it through LinkedIn, which finds the contact on the social network, giving you the ability to instantly connect.

Social media can be a tough tool to manage, but utilizing these five apps can help make it a little more bearable and effective!

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