5 Digital Marketing Fixes to Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

Images courtesy of mkhmarketing's photostream

Images courtesy of mkhmarketing’s photostream

We all make New Year’s resolutions!  Though the statistics may be bleak with a fail rate of 92%, here are some quick digital marketing fixes to help set you up for the resolution of seeing more success at work in 2015.

1.  Friends & Likes: Facebook may often be associated as a personal social network (unlike LinkedIn), but it is a wealth of audience if you know exactly whom you want to target.  Consider that there are about 1.35 billion monthly users on Facebook.  (Yes, billion.  With a “b”).

What are the chances your target audience or customers are on it?  What are the chances that they are one of the 1.35 billion eyeballing daily feeds for the latest offers and info?

Investing in promoting content on your company page means that you can take advantage of Facebook’s proprietary segmentation capabilities, essentially cherry-picking the users your business is relevant to.  If you’re investing time in putting your business out via a social channel like Facebook, you might as well make sure that the right people see it.

2.  Shed the Weight: Taking point 1 into consideration, not every social channel is suited for everyone or every type of business.  Companies often end up over-stretching by unrealistically aiming to be the King or Queen of social content.  But small-to-mid sized businesses will find it next to impossible to conquer all of blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.

So while you may aim to shed some pounds after all those turkey dinners, you may also want to consider lightening your social media channels to focus on just one or two.  Narrowing your focus helps to ensure your efforts, budget, and eyeballs are not too divided.  “Do it well or not at all,” as they say.

3.  Plan for Consistency & Clarity:  With your trimmed down digital efforts to a manageable amount, it is critical to set a calendar to guide you through the rest of the year.  Commit to posting your content updates and social media communications at intervals that are realistic and in line with your organization’s capabilities.  Setting a plan helps you make sure that you communicate in a consistent way – not only with timing, but also by planning the type of content you plan to run with.

4.  Big Screen, Big Fun:  Consider implementing a short video to tell your story.  As mobile phones lean toward the trend of larger screens (a la iPhone 6 and 6 Plus or any Samsung Galaxy device), the barriers to video viewing on a mobile device is greatly reduced.  Website traffic is dominated by iOS and Android devices, so consider freshening up your website with an intro video that can pique the interest of mobile browsers.  You can animate your offerings and also convey your company’s personality, much like this whiteboard video.

5.  Check 1-2: Last but not least, do a little new year tune up on your website to ensure that all contact forms, tools, and call-to-action items are alive and well.  Double check email addresses are forwarding, databases are capturing, and links direct to where they need to in an effort to avoid a data collection disaster when you least expect it.

These five quick fixes to your digital marketing will help get you started for a great year ahead.



AboutGlenda McCarthy-Gaspar

Glenda McCarthy-Gaspar, 15+ years sales and marketing experience. After serving in various sales and marketing roles for some of Canada’s largest corporations, Glenda followed her entrepreneurial dream and started her own business in 2008. By 2011, Glenda earned her BASI (Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information) designation. Also in 2011 she made the decision to join Proforma, the largest print, promotional and graphic communications company in North America in hopes of taking business growth to a new level. That decision paid off and has resulted in her winning numerous business awards for excellence and has achieved million dollar sales by 2014. Glenda has recently obtained her Inbound Marketing Certification to help her clients meet the demands of the digital world.

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