5 Points to Closing Deals

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In the sales world, your entire career relies on closing deals. Closing deals and getting the signature is what your profession is all about. Unfortunately, it’s also, arguably, the hardest part of your job. Here are five crucial points to follow to ensure you close the deal.

1.    The Decision Maker
Make sure you have the decision makers at the table; people who have the authority to sign off on the opportunity presented.  A lot of times, we are presenting solutions to the wrong audience. It’s not anyone’s fault, really, that we end up in this kind of situation – they are just the messenger and now you’re stuck presenting ideas to the wrong person.

2.    Don’t use Closing Techniques
Closing techniques have been around for a very long time – but people can sense that they are being “closed,” which tends to make the situation uncomfortable. The whole sales opportunity has now shifted to you about selling something and away from the client.  In any sales situation, whether you’re closing a deal or still in the introductory period, it should always be about the client. Your goal is to find out what their needs are and connecting your value-added services to those needs.

3.    Don’t Back Your Client Into a Corner
If you find yourself pushing for the close and backing your client up against the wall with no outlet, your client will go on the defense, looking for ways to say NO instead of YES. Try to mold your business strategy as developing a partnership and gaining a relationship, not just making the sale. If your client feels pressured into something, they won’t make the decision you’re striving for, which is allowing you to provide valuable solutions to them.

4.    Give Them an Out
This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. One of your goals should be to make the sales situation an easy and enjoyable process. Be sincere and let your client know that if this certain opportunity you’re presenting to them doesn’t work at the moment, it’s OK – that perhaps the solution you’re proposing may not be for them at all and that is OK as well. Now you have made the situation comfortable. You’ve basically said that saying NO at this time is a totally acceptable answer. This kind of comfort level will ultimately lead your client down the YES path, because now they don’t have to – they want to.

5.    Create VALUE for the Client by Asking Questions
To guarantee the sale, your process shouldn’t be about the sale. Ask yourself, “What are their needs?” “How can you make your clients’ lives easier and what can you do to streamline their business?” These questions will give VALUE to your solutions and to your relationship with your client. Your goal throughout the sales process should be to become a true partner for their business. So don’t stop at the initial order. Ask questions like, “Why do you need this?” “What are you doing with it?” Then, offer extended solutions that, perhaps, the client didn’t think about or know you could provide. Exhaust every weapon in your arsenal of solutions.  This extended way of thinking and offering VALUEable services could potentially double or triple your sale.

Sales is a calling – it’s not easy. Even if you hold a true talent for selling, closing the deal takes time and effort. Think about the previous points and how you can implement them into your sales strategy. Remind yourself to ask questions and strive to provide VALUE to your clients time and time again.

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