5 Resolutions for 2015 Work Successes

Image courtesy of photosteve101's photostream

Image courtesy of photosteve101’s photostream

2014 came and went. Now it is the start of a new year which means new goals for you and your business. Think about how 2014 was for you professionally. Did you achieve your work goal, were you successful? If yes, stay on track and create greater goals and objectives. If not, now is a good time to reflect on your business progress and design a new plan for the New Year.

Here are 5 resolutions designed to help you have a successful 2015:

Learn something new – Learning something new will add to your skills and make you more valuable to your company creating  a sense of pride by completing a new task. Depending on how you choose to learn, you may meet new colleagues, join a networking group, such as Network after work to meet more individuals in the same area of interest as you, or sign up to attend a seminar in your area.

Set realistic goals – Make a resolution that the goals you set this year will be goals that are achievable, rather than impractical. Some examples to set for yourself is earn a promotion, start a business, identify personal boundaries, develop more friendships with coworkers, find a mentor, take a vacation or learn how to reduce work hours.

Promote your business regularly and consistently – If you are a business owner you want to attract new customers to your business. In order to do so you have to make it your primary focus in all aspects of life. Make a resolution to create a marketing plan and follow through with it. If you don’t own the company you work at make it a goal to talk more about your company and job. Some companies offer a referral program that will pay you money to bring a friend in.

Upgrade equipment – Is there something in your office that’s interfering with you being successful at work or something that you lack that would make your life a whole lot easier? Whether it’s an old type writer or the need to delegate some of your work load, make a resolution to upgrade your office.

Make time for yourself – All work and no play is a recipe disaster. If you have trouble freeing up time to do the things you enjoy, start by making small steps by taking a lunch every day, then after a few months make sure you leave everyday on time. This will ensure that you separate your work from your personal life.

If you apply these resolutions throughout the year, your success will be guaranteed!


  1. Well said Pamela!

    Following through on commitments we make to our family, ourselves and our business, which is what I think goals really are, requires focus and passion. Former CEO at HP – Mark Hurd – is credited with saying, “…vision without execution is hallucination…” Here’s to a fantastic 2015!



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