5 Traditions That Make Summer the Best

Image courtesy of Nicholas A. Tonelli's photostream

Image courtesy of Nicholas A. Tonelli’s photostream

Summer has finally arrived!  The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the grass is growing, and it’s time to get outdoors.  The change in season gave me time to think about favorite summertime traditions and memories.

Baseball Games – Summer means baseball!  It’s hard to match the sights and sounds of a baseball game for a summertime tradition.  Whether it’s a professional baseball game, or a hometown little league game, or a wiffle ball game in your backyard – there is nothing like a great ballgame.  Remember when you are at the ball park and both the temperature and humidity are above 70, you enter the dehydration danger zone, so bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Cookouts & Picnics – You can stay close to home and enjoy the summer by making a backyard cookout. Don’t have a backyard or want to enjoy a change of scenery?  Find a park or local spot close to home where you can throw burgers and hotdogs onto a grill or unpack a picnic meal. The menu for a cookout or picnic should be whatever your group loves – as long as it’s not too much work. A traditional picnic might mean hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, corn on the cob, etc.   You’ll be creating delicious memories that have to do with a lot more than food.

The Great Outdoors – My favorite part of summers is get out when the sun is out and spend some quality time hiking or biking with friends and enjoying mother nature.  If you are going a long distance, bring a backpack with plenty of essentials such as water, food, and sunscreen.  Also, bring a camera to capture some of your favorite spots and memories.

Parks & Beaches – Summer is the perfect time of year to check out the local parks around you.  Perhaps, it’s a trip to your favorite amusement park, waterpark, campground, or beach.  For example, a trip to a local amusement or water park can be a chance for everyone to relax, laugh and play.  If you can’t swing a full-fledged vacation trip, this can make a memorable “stay-cation”.  Summer also is primetime for festivals and concerts, so check your local resources to see what is going on near you.

Road Tripping – The road trip is the summer time staple.  There’s nothing more American than hitting the open road with the windows down for an adventure-packed road trip.  Road trips make it easy to add variety to your summer vacation.   Concentrate on one area per trip such as the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  Whether you camp or stay in hotels, plan ahead.  Make reservations when possible.  Don’t focus solely on getting there.  Take time to enjoy the sights along the way!

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