5 Ways to Create Marketing Content for People Who Hate to Write

Simple Content Repurposing Strategies You Can Implement Immediately

Image courtesy of gratisography.com

Image courtesy of gratisography.com

Oh, the challenge of the modern marketer — fresh content, fresh content! It’s actually a pretty simple concept, but many businesses just refuse to put in the sweat equity required to pull some results, which all comes down to creating regular content. The biggest reason for this is that most people don’t have an effective way to create content and they don’t have a method or process for doing it well. Here are some ideas to change that:

Create Video
Video has become a crutch (in a good way) in certain venues for creating content. For instance, when I’m scheduled to write a blog post, I often look for the camera as a simple way out of having to write. While this might seem counter intuitive, the truth is that shooting video is easy if you have an idea and want to just spew it out on camera. Video imperfections make the content seem more genuine, whereas with writing that’s just not the case.

Also, video does not mean that you have to get up in front of a camera. Although that’s one way to do it, screen capture software such as Camtasia or Screenflow allow you to record your desktop so you can narrate slides or give tutorials of software applications, or even do a website review. This is not only easy but very inexpensive to get professional-looking results.

How podcasting has grown! Due to a number of factors, the widespread adoption of smartphones, iPhones having a native “Podcasts” app and 4G download speeds to name a few, what once was old is once again new. Podcasting can generate a great deal of highly targeted traffic, so audio is always an option as a format to choose over written text content. Immediately upload your audio files to Soundcloud.com for fast, free and easy podcast distribution.

Alternatively, you can turn your audio into text without writing by using a transcription service. While that may sound expensive, let’s look at the high-powered free options. First, Dragon Dictation is available as a free app and will transcribe what you say to your phone into text. It’s nearly as accurate as Dragon’s better known Naturally Speaking product and allows you to copy paste and mail the transcribed text. I use it in conjunction with Google Drive to create full written articles and letters via this process.

Another satisfactory option is using Google Voice. Google Voice is free and the service actually automatically transcribes voice mail messages, so call your number and leave your message. It accuracy for transcription is not nearly as good as Dragon, but it will do. The upside is that the audio message is available for playback immediately after leaving it and you can edit the message right in Google Voice’s UI.

Sharing your presentation slides are a great way to repurpose content into something useful for your blog or for your social networks. Slideshare.net is, in and of itself, a great place to find and publish content, with the primary focus being on slide decks. Content at Slideshare, this is owned and works seamlessly with LinkedIn, gets ranked well and gets targeted traffic, so consider making use of this fantastic site. The additional benefit of this site is that it provides embed code for your slideshows to make sharing elsewhere nice and easy.

Photos and Infographics
Lastly, visual content can sometimes speak for itself. Photos are the most engaging form of content on social media sites, as they grab attention much better than text alone ever could. In addition to the obvious places, like Instagram and Pinterest, photos work great on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr… just about everywhere.

Make the most of each and every good piece of content that you create. Consider what format the given message would work well in and repurpose, to both simplify your content marketing process, as well as to diversify it and improve your reach and results.


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