6 Tips to Better Video Marketing Results

Image courtesy of poirpom's photostream

Image courtesy of poirpom’s photostream

Video is one of the fastest ways to make a splash, generate traffic and get results online. Video content tends to get more interest than text only content, and spreads really well via social media, as well. Video also can be intimidating to marketers who haven’t used it or haven’t gotten solid results yet. Here are six ways you can improve your current video marketing efforts.

1. Improve Your Headlines

The headline is the most important component of any advertisement, since it determines whether the rest will be seen or not. This is no different with video, so be sure to use headlines that stir up curiosity and interest. A trick that works well is the use of incomplete thoughts or the “Zeigarnik Effect.” The “Zeigarnik Effect” is the idea that human beings have a hard time coping with incomplete thoughts, so we tend to be more patient and have a longer attention span when we know the payoff is coming.

2. Keep It Brief

The length of your video should vary, depending on the purpose of the piece. If it’s a general video to attract eyeballs and interest to your business or brand, then keep it short! While it’s estimated that we now have a measly six seconds to get someone’s attention, it follows that your video should be concise. Sixty to 90 seconds for positioning pieces works well. The exception to this rule is for video content that is developed for a pre-qualified, targeted group, such as the attendees to a webinar. That group will stay and pay attention much longer than the average viewer, but keep it snappy for the general population.

3. Better Lighting

When discussing production quality, there’s one element that is often overlooked, but can almost always improve the situation – the lighting. Good lighting can turn an iPhone video into a stunning video that looks Hollywood-worthy. If you don’t have a full lighting kit, a hardware store may be the place for a low cost alternative, or try using natural light if your location permits.

4. Keyword Rich Description and Tags

This tip is in reference to video that is hosted at a video sharing site such as YouTube (and it’s a great idea to submit your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites, so you get more viewers that otherwise may not have seen your video). Almost all of these sites will give you the ability to create a description for your video, as well as add tags. Be sure to include a solid description that uses the keywords that your target market is searching for. At the same time, keep the description natural sounding and don’t overdo it with keywords.

5. Call To Action

What next? Make sure your video concludes with a strong and obvious call to action that tells viewers exactly what step they should take next. This might be subscribing to your mailing list, your YouTube channel or even clicking the “add to cart” button. Regardless, don’t leave it to question. Tell them exactly what to do next and spell it out.

6. Sharing

Lastly, get your video out to the world! Share your video across all of your social networks and other sites. Encourage your contacts to check it out and ask them for comments and feedback. The more interaction with the video, the greater likelihood of other people commenting, as well as more people seeing your video, so be sure to get social with your video.

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