7 Must Have Promotional Items for Today’s Mom

Parenting BlogAs a working mom of a one year old who is always on the move, life has become all about convenience. If I see a product that can make my day a little more efficient, organized… or just easier… it will get my attention. It’s even better if I receive a product like this as a promotional item. If a company or organization gives me something I can really use, I know they “get” me.

If you are looking for a creative way to keep your brand top-of-mind for today’s busy parents, here are my top seven suggestions for promotional items that will have them singing your praises.

1.    Hand sanitizer WITH a holder – Kids are germy. Keeping hand sanitizer close is a must and digging through a stuffed diaper bag is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The key to getting parents to keep and use your hand sanitizer giveaway is providing a holder that can easily clip onto the outside of a diaper bag, purse or backpack.

2.    Travel wipes – Similar to the hand sanitizer, baby wipes are essential. Easy access to these miracle cleaning towelettes can divert disasters and there are several clip-on container options out there.

3.    First aid essentials – Accidents happen. When they do, everyone will look for the nearest mom. Band-aid dispensers, purse-sized first aid kits and travel packs will save the day.

4.    The traditional tote – They may seem like a pretty common promotional item, but kids have a lot of stuff. Having extra bags around can help keep all the extra clothes, toys, snacks, etc. somewhat organized. Durability is the key here.

5.    Bath Card Thermometer – I received one of these from our pediatrician at our first visit, with their office information printed on it, and we still use it today. It’s small, easy to read (“too hot,” “too cold,” “just right”) and it really helps with the daily nerve-wrecking task of trying to achieve that perfect bath water temperature.

6.    Dirty Diaper Bag Dispenser – The disgusting truth of it is that dealing with dirty diapers on the go is a big pain. Having a quick way to wrap up the mess is a life saver! This would go well with a portable changing pad.

7.    Anything cotton – Bibs, wash clothes, baby towels all fall into the “we can’t have too many” category. These come in super handy in a pinch and you can trust your employees and clients with children won’t throw them away.

The next time you are developing a marketing campaign that targets moms and dads, keep these products in mind to add into your marketing mix. Not only will providing useful items give you promotion “staying power,” but being the company or organization that helped a mom bandage a boo-boo or helped a dad keep a mess under control will go a long way.

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