7 Reasons We Love Promotional Products (And You Should, Too!)

The ever expanding world of promotional products is as exciting as they come. From the vantage point of a distributor in the promotional products industry, there are always incredible products that are worthy of being presented to clients as creative solutions to their marketing and communications needs. Coming off the heels of two of the hottest product shows in the industry, here are several reasons we love promotional products (and hope you do, too!).

1.    Don’t sleep on writing instruments
Logoed writing instruments make a last impression on consumers. As reported by ASI in their annual impressions study, writing instruments are owned by 56% of the US population and 48% of all candies.
2.    Promotional products are useful
Promotional products not only stick with consumers, they prove useful and could shed a favorable light on your target audience. From bags to drinkware to desk/office accessories, these products make the consumer’s life easier, day-in and day-out.
3.    Calendars hang around
Digital calendars are outstanding. They’re sharable and easy to add, remove or update appointments or obligations. What they aren’t, though, is tangible. Hanging wall calendars have a lasting impression, sticking around for about 12 months, on average… go figure!
4.    They’re downright cool!
The products offered are evolving into something more than the ordinary. Bluetooth speakers, athleisure apparel, wearable technology are all categories being expended almost daily. The offering is nearly limitless!
5.    Put a cap on it!
Promotional caps and headwear are owned by nearly one out of ever four US citizens and more than one in five Canadians.
6.    Look good, feel good, play good
Outfitting a team (office or sport) builds a sense of camaraderie and unity. Wicking polos in the office and personalized teamware can promote your brand while keeping everyone looking good!
7.    Cheers, Prost, Sláinte, Na zdravie!
Logoed drinkware can be a great way to promote your brand, especially if you’re in Charlotte, NC, where it’s reported that 53% of residents keep logoed drinkware because they consider it attractive!

Sources: Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, 2014 Edition


  1. Hey Danny! You hit the nail right on the head man, and the options are endless. The looks on customers faces though, when you share the stats on how effective promotional products are when compared to other form of promotion or marketing. The numbers are pretty remarkable–they just work. Thanks for sharing Danny. Good luck to you.

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