Let’s Get Sustainable!

We’re all looking for ways to save time, be more efficient, streamline our processes…but ultimately, we’re looking for a better life.  I can say with 99% confidence that if you are reading this blog that you’ve also completed an online transaction for shoes, a shirt, or even a gag gift. Local and national brands have jumped on the efficient, sustainable, and lean bandwagons.  You can go to stores now and have your complete checkout be paperless; ever hear of a little placed called Apple?  In my last blog I mentioned how eCommerce makes life easier…now I’d like to take a look at being leaner and greener.

Using eCommerce is green and being green is trending; that makes eCommerce trendy, right?  Absolutely!  eCommerce was around before the sustainability movement but the truth of the matter is it helped champion many of the practices.  Highlighting the functionality of your eCommerce solution can help reduce paper usage, improve turnaround times, have an anytime, anywhere ordering mechanism for your clients or customers.  Not only will this help our environment, it should also help your pocketbook.

Don’t believe me… no big deal.  Industry giant, Google, certainly has some thoughts on the matter.

By minimizing infrastructure, reducing the need for warehousing, and maximizing transportation efficiency, small online retailers have created a climate-friendly way to buy and sell. All-electronic, with no need for everything from mannequins to signage to giant rooftop air conditioning units, they have dematerialized considerable parts of the retail process.

Sustainability advocate, and pioneer, Jack Johnson (an internationally recognized musician), is taking a grassroots approach to educating our youth on the 3R’s.  Check it out – and help Jack spread his message!


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