A Little “Thank You” Can Go a Long Way

Thank You

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Many important milestones in life – whether it is graduating from high school or college, getting married or the birth of a child — call for celebration. Typically, these celebrations involve gifts from friends and family members and, in return, the dreaded writing of numerous thank-you cards begins. Letting someone know that you appreciate them and their time is an important thing to do, however, even if there are consequences (specifically in the form of hand cramps). The art of thank-you letters has been lost on many, but that doesn’t mean that your business should stop doing them, too! In fact, now is the time to make use of something that is rare these days in order to spur positive word-of-mouth advertising, improve customer retention and boost the overall positivity of your brand.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect thank-you letter to a client:

Determine your format. Depending on who the client is, and what you are thanking them for, you may choose to handwrite or type out your thank-you letter. Keep in mind that a handwritten, personalized note shows more effort and attention than one that is simply printed out on your company letterhead.

Keep it genuine. Avoid clichéd responses, such as, “We hope to do business again with you soon.” Instead, sincerely thank the customer for their business and let them know how much you appreciate working with them. If possible, specifically mention how their gesture has impacted your business.

Do not combine the letter with a sales pitch. Sending a thank-you note out to a client means that you have already received some type of business from them. Don’t be greedy! Focus in on your intent to express your appreciation for the client and do not attempt to make another sales pitch in the same note.

Personalize as much as possible. Include the client’s first name in the greeting and mention the date that you last saw them, if applicable. When addressing the recipient, do so with the same degree of familiarity that you use when addressing them in person. For example, you would not address someone as “Mr. Smith” if you are on a first-name basis with them.

Keep it first class. Believe it or not, postage can actually play a part in the impact of a thank-you note! Avoid running the letter though a postal machine and hand-stamp the letter with a first class stamp instead. This small gesture will show your thoughtfulness and will reach the client faster.

Although “crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s” takes a little longer to do than sending an email, your customer will definitely appreciate the time that you took to thank them in a form that has been lost to many in our technology-centered age. So, what are you waiting for? Break out the pen and paper and get started!

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