A New Year’s Resolution to Business Growth

Stack the Deck in Your Favor to Generate more Appointments and More New Sales

In honor of the New Year approaching, I thought I’d revisit my annual New Year’s post on Facebook, in lieu of resolutions:



The two most important ones at the bottom are personal items and pretty self-explanatory, so let’s get on with the first two for purposes of this entry…


Do More of the Stuff You Know You Should and Stop Doing the Stuff You Shouldn’t

Stack the Deck

While examining your sales and marketing efforts, do you notice that there are simple little corrections you can make to push the needle? I bet there are a bunch of them.

If you’re investing any human or other resources towards either social media or direct mail, let me ask you a question — does one work without the other?

Why not give your prospects a heads up, a little nudge or build some anticipation via social media for what will soon be in their inbox? Those who’ve tried this have found an outstanding improvement in their response rates.
If your direct mail is already working, imagine what even better response and conversion rates would look like to your bottom line.

Unfortunately, most Marketing teams are separated from Business Development and the end result is this type of disconnect. If your marketing can advance the cause of the sale, why not lateral the ball while gaining forward progress? Most marketing campaigns exist on their own… Then the sales force has to go in, wishing and hoping that

And this doesn’t go for just social and direct mail, think of all of the other siloed efforts you might have in place right now and begin thinking how you can communicate cross-channel. That’s how you stack the deck.

Zig Because They Zag

Is all of your competition now online? Or maybe everyone is using digital marketing methods for generating new appointments? Great, head out into the field with some giveaways that have both a high perceived-value and high utility and stop by local businesses to introduce yourself.

The human connection has become lost due to our overstimulation from digital efforts. This creates a sense of novelty and true connection when someone meets you in the flesh, all while dropping off a nice leave-behind.

Promotional items can provide a high-perceived value gift that is fantastic for brand recall and helping creating affinity for your brand.

So remember, “Everyone is doing it!” Is often an excellent reason to be doing the opposite.

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The holidays are a time where we reminisce and slow down, with memories closest to us, the people, places and things that make us most comfortable…

Now snap out of it!!

Lol, I’m only partially kidding because while I’m all for enjoying the coziness of the holidays, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone when you dive into 2018. Remember, the comfort zone is the most dangerous place of all, because it lures you in with a sense of safety and familiarity, while silently killing your dreams and ambition.

Seriously, this is scary stuff when you look at it that way.

So take inventory of what hasn’t been working and try out some new things instead. Or, perhaps there are growth tactics you’ve moved away from for something that sounded sexier at the time. Consider going back to the old tried and true method.

Either way, it’s time to shake up your routine and be bold in embracing some change if you want to (continue to) experience growth in the New Year.

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