A Refreshing Look At An Old Favorite!

Among the most popular of promotional products is the water bottle – and for good reason. It’s practical, portable, and appropriate for just about every type of person and event. This “tried and true” promo product isn’t fading away, it’s evolving. If you are looking for a water bottle that is going to stand out from the rest, here are six ideas to help you shake it up:

The World is Flat
When you in a pinch for space, this flat bottle is great for back packs to keep your load light. Perfect for: Travelers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, athletes and moms on the go.


Just for Girls
Add some bling to brighten up your promotion! Perfect for: cheerleading camps, dance teams, sorority fundraisers, breast cancer awareness events and beauty salons.


Fruity Twist
My favorite – the fruit infusion water bottle. This modern design allows you to add your own flavor to your water with fresh fruit or mint leaves. Perfect for: Health clubs, doctor’s offices, produce or grocery stores and high end retailers.

Do the Wave
This fun wavy-shape adds a unique look to a usually standard looking bottle. Perfect for: Concerts, special events, fundraisers and schools.


On the Go
It’s not your typical water bottle, but it’s not your typical to-go cup either. This plastic, reusable cup is an environmentally friendly option to the usual fast food cup. Perfect for: Restaurants, retail stores, food vendors and employee gifts.

Crystal Clear
This state-of-the-art water bottle purifies your water as you drink it! Perfect for: Health fairs, environmental events, company incentive or human resource programs and fitness centers.

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