A True Partner

Why do people join Proforma? If you ask members of the Proforma Family why they chose to partner with Proforma, you’ll get a variety of responses. Some made their way here because of the strategic partnerships with our Supplier Partners. The level of volume business we do helps ensure that we get the industry’s best pricing and receive a level of support along with it. Others have found their way to Proforma because of the technology solutions we offer – from order entry to online stores, we have a robust offering of products to help our network do more business more quickly and efficiently.  And some choose Proforma because of our world-class coaching and training programs. At the end of the day, there are many reasons people choose Proforma, but regardless of what gap we help you bridge, one thing is clear – Once you’re here, you become part of something bigger, the Proforma Community. 

At Proforma, community means having a network of owners and salespeople who understand the unique challenges you face and are readily available to provide support and mentorship. Community also means celebrating milestones and achievements together and attending events throughout the year that give an opportunity to connect and strengthen relationships.

Listen in to hear Brian Dinley, a Proforma Owner, discuss what being part of the community has done for him:

If you are already part of our incredible network, thank you for being here and being the best part of Proforma!  If you are reading this and looking for a place to call home that provides unparalleled support and infinite scalability, we’d love to connect and discover if Proforma is the right fit for you and your business.   Visit www.onlyproforma.com/findyoursuccess and someone will connect with you soon.

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