An Onion is Heaven

I hear many people make excuses for postponing selling or giving presentations because they are concerned that they aren’t quite ready. Not being ready is a bad excuse for postponing success.

The concern I often hear is that people don’t feel ready because they are worried their sales pitch or presentation won’t be perfect. Typically, people have an idea in their mind of what the perfect pitch or presentation should look like. Maybe they’re worried they won’t do as well as other great pitches and presentations they have seen.

Here’s a great truth I learned years ago from a great advisor and friend: “To a worm that knows no apple, an onion is heaven.” I’ve reminded myself of this truth many times in growing Proforma.

Simply stated, what this truth means is that your prospective customer or audience has no idea what a perfect pitch or presentation should look like. They probably have no point of reference or comparison. Surely they don’t know what you think is “perfect” in your mind and haven’t seen the other pitches you’ve seen.

Whatever you do or say will be all they know, so stop making excuses for not selling or giving winning presentations. Ready, fire, aim.

Always remember that, to a worm that knows no apple, an onion is heaven.

AboutGreg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma

Greg Muzzillo started Proforma as an industry distributor in 1978. The company grew quickly and in the early 1980s Proforma was recognized for three consecutive years on Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in North America. In the late 1980’s Proforma introduced its membership program to enable distributors to retain their business ownership and independence, and to share in sales and marketing resources, purchasing power with industry suppliers, one back office including all billing, accounting, vendor payments, cash flow, computer systems and more. Today Proforma has more than 750 members with over $500 million in sales. Proforma has over 100 members in its Million Dollar Club and more than 40 members in its Multi-Million Dollar Club (With sales ranging from $2 million to over $26 million). In 2014, eight Proforma members were named to Inc. magazine’s Inc. 5000 List of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

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