Anna’s Top 10 Ways to Achieve an Awesome YOU

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It’s January and for most of us, it’s pretty cool. Now, unless your birthday, anniversary, AND any other self-proclaimed holidays fall in these 31 days, January can be a little blah. The first week of the month was full of resolutions and fresh starts. If you’re anything like me, I’m already back into my old routines and find myself saying, “Is it Friday?” every single day.

I’ve come up with a few ways to take the dull out of January and to make yourself feel totally awesome. When you’re feeling awesome, you’re bound to do great things.

10. Smile.  But not like a crazed, forced smile that you do in family photos. Lift those eyebrows and engage your facial muscles. It will make you feel great even for a second.

9. Breathe Deeply. Take a few moments at your desk and take a few extended inhales and breathe out really slowly. The more oxygen your brain gets, the more alert you will feel.

8. Pay Attention to Detail. Not just in your work or home schedules, but in the little things. When is the last time you took time to appreciate the taste of your coffee rather than inhaling it just to get through the morning rush?

7. Take a Walk. Most of us do much more sitting than walking around each day. Go the long way to the copier, or if you live in a warmer climate—take a walk during your lunch hour.

6. Indulge. I blew my New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier on January 2nd. There’s nothing wrong with having that occasional cupcake or two just as long as you don’t eat twelve each day. If you do that, you may want to consider #7 more often.

5. Try Something New. Whether it’s switching up your commute or signing up for a spinning class, trying new things always makes you feel great. You don’t know if you don’t like something until you try it, and you may end up loving it!

4. Spend Time With People You Love. Nothing is better than being around your family and friends. Surrounding yourself with positivity is a surefire way to feel good.

3. Be Grateful. When I’m really struggling to get through a rough day, I take out a pen and jot down AT LEAST 10 things that I’m grateful for. You’ll end up smiling, laughing, or perhaps feeling inspired to do something great.

2. Be Positive. I know I mentioned that I usually ask everyone I see if today is Friday… but I usually throw in “at least it’s almost noon!” Being positive makes others feel positive too!

1. Be You. The more YOU that you are, the more awesome you will become.

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