Are You a Cubicle Potato?

In order to get from place to place, we must take steps. But, think about it: How many steps do you actually take when you are at work each day? Perhaps you take a few steps to walk into the building in the morning, a few more to visit a coworker, and you probably get up from your desk to take a few trips to the bathroom and break room too. How many steps, however, are you taking to cover the lack of physical activity you get while sitting at work?

According to an article from The New York Times, having a job that requires only light activity equals an average decrease of 120 to 140 calories a day in physical activity. Although the numbers may seem small, the message behind these findings still ring true: Sedentary jobs aren’t going away any time soon, and we need to learn to take care of ourselves so that we can all retire happy and healthy one day. Here are some small (but effective) steps you can take every day to stay healthy in the workplace:

• Do Some Desk Yoga! If you haven’t hopped on the yoga bandwagon yet, you may just find yourself changing your mind after practicing some of the yoga poses in this article by FitSugar. These simple but effective poses are a great way to relieve tension and stretch your muscles during your long workday.
• Walk Away From That Vending Machine If you’re anything like me, you probably start craving a bag of Cheez-Its or M&M’s about halfway through the work day. While it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself once in a while, try to incorporate healthy snacks and lunches into your work diet. provides a great list of some simple, healthy snacks.
• Make Use of Your Lunch Break If you find yourself left with a few extra minutes after finishing your lunch, put the remainder of your time to good use! Take a walk outside, whether it is just around your office building or at a nearby park, or plan a group activity. Here at Proforma, several of our staff members have been known to play wiffle ball during lunchtime! 
• Give yourself some little challenges There are always little things you can do to add more physical activity to your work day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, use a printer that is on the other side of the office, or even park your car farther away from the door so that you get a little exercise in before your day begins.

For more great tips on staying healthy at work, be sure to check out this blog article from MindBodyGreen. I also love this daily plan to eliminate workplace stress (which can cause overeating!) from

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  1. I usually enjoy being a cubicle or even a couch potato until recently. I have been experiencing some change in my body that seems like it’s telling me something is wrong from being seated for a long time or not moving much. I will definitely take note of these steps in the coming days. Thank you!

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