Are You Aware of this Email Marketing Secret?

These days any successful marketing program combines print, promotional products and a series of email promotions.

This week, I participated in the “What’s Working Now in Email Marketing” session at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in Boston where I heard all about the value of the pre-header, along with other valuable email marketing insight.

Do you use the pre-header to its full capacity?

Just in case you don’t know, the pre-header is the top line of your email that typically provides recipients with a link to solve rendering issues.

This often ignored sentence holds an incredible amount of value in email systems. It actually shows up as the line of text under the subject line in the navigation bar of the emails, making it valuable real estate for your message.

Personalize the message to the recipient… highlight your offer… or tell your message in one sentence and then continue with the standard, “click here if you can’t view this message.”

This simple trick will help you maximize your effectiveness and boost your response rates. Here is another article on Email Anatomy that will provide you with some tips on effective emails.

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