Atta Boy!

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Sometimes a pat on the back for a job well done just isn’t enough. In today’s world companies are competing to be among the best places to work to retain top talent. Younger generations of workers expect to be appreciated, incentivized and rewarded. This means tangible gestures on anniversaries, when your team reaches a goal, during holidays and more!

Happy employees are productive employees. Employees that are satisfied at work tend to be more creative, faster learners, better troubleshooters and they even get sick less. 75% of employees indicated that receiving a gift from their employer improved their morale and loyalty, which means fewer turnovers. Award programs help motivate employees on a day-to-day basis and give them a way to measure success. 33% of respondents said a gift provided impetus for increased productivity.

Providing rewards and incentives doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider practical items that will make your employees’ lives easier at work such as branded lunch totes, coffee mugs, pen sets or backpacks. Items that help them dress up their work space are also big hits. Think picture frames, novelty desk games and decorative mouse pads and calendars. Don’t forget those items that everyone can use: blankets, umbrellas, flashlights, clocks, etc. Leisure items are always crowd pleasers. Most employees would love to receive a customized corkscrew, beach towel or cooler. Keep seasons and themes in mind to help you choose these types of gifts. Last but not least, traditional plaques and awards are still a great way to show your gratitude.

No matter how you show your appreciation – your employees are sure to appreciate you back! Start rewarding your team today!

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