7 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Launch Successful

It’s cheaper and easier to get into eCommerce than ever before.  It’s also becoming the preferred method of shopping for consumers. Over the holiday, shoppers opted to buy online rather than fight the crowds in brick-and-mortar stores. Analytics research firm RetailNext reported overall sales up over twenty percent online at 1.73 billion during Thanksgiving while… Read More

5 Packaging Design Tips to Make Your Product Standout

Making your product standout on the shelf is not an easy task. According to the Food Marketing Institute there are over 40,000 different products in the average supermarket. This $600 billion industry relies on consumers, manufacturers, distributors… and graphic designers. The form, clarity, creativity, authenticity, and originality of the packaging play an important role in… Read More

5 Tips for Text Message Marketing

Today’s consumers are mobile, with 91% of Americans in reach of a mobile device at all times. Consumers are sending and receiving messages of all types. Marketers are recognizing this pattern and turning frequently to text messaging as an efficient medium for communicating with existing customers and prospects. However, unlike phone calls, the rules of… Read More

5 Steps to Create Brand Loyalty

Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, Harley-Davidson, Oprah, Ritz-Carlton, Jimmy Buffett, Southwest Airlines and Trader Joe’s… Many marketers dream that their brand or product will be as successful as these industry giants. These ‘cult’ brands are so popular one can argue they don’t need to advertise thanks to the consumer’s brand loyalty. Many have tried before, most have… Read More