Jess’s How To…Enhance Communication in Six Easy Steps

Communication in the workplace continues to be an important part to any business’s success. We communicate in many ways: verbally, non-verbally, through technology, in writing and so on. Even with all of these communication outlets, many of us still seem to have communication issues. It’s important that we understand how each person communicates. Your neighbor… Read More

Jess’s How To… Give Great Gifts Without Busting Your Budget

Aunts, Grandparents, Siblings, Parents, Friends, Acquaintances, Business Partners, Co-workers, Babysitters… How do you show everyone in your life that you appreciate them without busting your budget? It’s easy. (And we can thank Pinterest for that!) When you need to gift on a budget, consider these awesome gift ideas, tailored to your loved ones! 1.    Sharpie… Read More