“Write Like You Talk,” and Other Tips That Work for Proposal Development

I spend hours every week writing – proposals, emails and the occasional short story on Facebook. Over the years I’ve picked up on a few things that seem to be well-received by the general public, though some might offend the more proper among us. Write Like You Talk: When it comes to communication, I’m all… Read More

Explaining “Why” Improves Projects and Relationships

“Can you send me some figures on our year-over-year growth?” “Which vendor would you recommend for this product?” “Can you draft a response to this question about social responsibility?” How many times have you been pulled – or pulled someone else – into a project with a blanket request sans background? Of course we’re all… Read More

7 Summer Promotions to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind in the Sunshine

Summer is my favorite season – and it’s also a great time to market your brand with some trendy promotional items for your customers to use on warm-weather adventures. Every year Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) releases an Impressions Study analyzing the cost of promotional products vs. other advertising media. In 2014, ASI found that “in… Read More