Be A Pokémon Go Pro: Catch ‘Em All With These Promotional Products!

A few short weeks ago, my pal Elizabeth shared some valuable marketing lessons we can learn from Pokémon Go. Many of you probably felt inspired to get your game on and find some ways to use this trend to your advantage. Some businesses lucked out and landed PokéStops smack dab in front of their buildings. But what do you do if you weren’t blessed by the sacred PokéGods? Worry not, because you can still lure customers to your business by offering them some useful gear to help them in their quest to be the very best.

Here are five of “the very best” products you can offer your Pokémon Trainers.

  1. Cell Phone Power Banks: Nothing breaks the spirit of an aspiring Pokémon master more than a dead phone battery. Luckily, you can offer custom power banks so they can keep on hiking and hatching those eggs without having to cut the trip short!
  2. Sunglasses: It’s hard to spot that elusive Jigglypuff with the sun in your eyes. A simple pair of shades can help Pokémon trainers see things clearly on-screen while also making it easier for them to be aware of their surroundings (Please stop walking off cliffs, guys).
  3. Water bottles: As cute as Squirtle may be, no amount of his water attacks are going to prevent a Pokémon trainer from dehydrating. Thanks to the motivation of this addictive game, people are walking longer distances than ever before in search of their beloved pocket monsters – and they’re breaking up a sweat! Help them stay cool and refreshed with a nice water bottle.
  4. Cell Phone Bike Mounts: As with any game, you’re always going to see some over-achievers. Why walk when you can bike, right? Even if you’re secretly jealous of their impressive collection, be a good sport and make biking a little easier for them by offering a handy bike mount for their phone (You might want to give them a friendly reminder, though, to keep their eyes on the road).
  5. Backpacks/Messenger Bags: Once your customers get their hands on the other four products I mentioned, they’re going to need somewhere to put all of it! A simple, light-weight backpack or messenger bag makes it easy for them to venture out into the Metroparks (but hopefully not trespass into private property!) without having to worry about leaving their valuables behind.

So there you have it – five products that will lure Pokémon trainers to your business and help you catch some new customers! Want to increase your XP and evolve into a Master supplier of Pokémon gear? Level up and offer these products in the three team colors: blue, red and yellow.

What other products do you recommend to appeal to Pokémon Go players? What promotional products are you using to lure in new customers? Let us know in the comments below!

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