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In the world of marketing, sometimes it feels as if everyone is trying to sell something. Everyone wants to be the person to deliver the latest and greatest products and services to the masses. But if we are all climbing the same mountain at the same time, how do we make it to the top? How do we stand out above the competition and be successful?

Just be different. Ask yourself how you can get in front of prospective clients and what you can bring to the table that others won’t.

You can start by constantly reinventing your business. Don’t let yourself get pigeonholed into one genre of resources. Set yourself up for success by targeting and profiling companies you want to work with as a whole. Take those companies and apply consistent marketing tactics for as many quality touches as possible, for ultimate exposure. These tactics could include phone calls, emails, self-promo marketing campaigns, direct-mail pieces, etc. Just make sure your touches are creative and highlight all of your capabilities; digital, mobile apps, postage savings tactics, etc. The point is to catch your audience in the “huh” light bulb moment.

Once you’ve grabbed their attention, don’t just present one solution. Use this opportunity to consult on an entire marketing package for a project and present EVERYTHING!  Think of the project from your client’s point of view. Use the mindset of, “you brought me here to provide X, but I can give you S,T,U,V,W, and X!” This avenue of presentation will be time-consuming but ultimately will earn the business. Take your time, and stand out.

By now you’ve made contact, won the deal, and now it is time to execute. Gain your customers’ trust and confidence by implementing a consistent step-by-step communication process of what to expect until the products are in-hand. A Thank You email, followed by proofs, ship dates and tracking confirmations will keep both parties connected and involved. This extensive customer service will push you ahead of the competition.

After your transaction, you must make it a priority to keep in contact to ensure future business. Present new ideas that are informative to keep them on the cutting edge of what is available to them.  This approach is more consultative and educational than trying to “sell” something. Offer to hold lunch meetings to present these ideas. Whether you get one or twelve people in a room over sandwiches, the exposure is critical. Show them what’s new and hot from each aspect of your portfolio; perhaps a new mobile event app or the trending direct mail items available. Bring anything to the table to remind your customers that you are one source with multiple resources. This way you are effectively selling time. Time that the company can get back by working with you and only you, not seven different companies.

This path will not necessarily be easy. Each of these tactics takes time, effort and creative brainpower, but hopefully will set you at the top of the mountain. You will not only be above the competition but in a position that allows you to stop selling just stuff. Now you’re selling solutions and your customers are close clients, just by being different.

AboutBob De Garmo

For over 20 years, Bob De Garmo and his team have help our clients partner differently and smarter for their marketing services. Proforma's network of best-in-class specialists allow us to be a one source marketing agency without the fees. Bob De Garmo is an Addy Award Winner in the direct mail category, and has produced numerous video's for clients that effectively tell their story.

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