Best Practices for Using Video on Marketing Landing Pages

Including video on marketing landing pages can lead to increased customer engagement and better conversion results when done correctly. Below are some best practices to consider when including video on marketing landing pages, complete with a graphic at the bottom on the post.

1. Keep the video length to 60 seconds or less. The goal of the video is to simply deliver the core marketing message and call to action (CTA) not tell the visitor everything they may potentially want to know about your company, product or solution.

2. Mention how long the video is in the landing page copy. Visitors will be more likely to click the video play button if they know they won’t be stuck watching a 5 minute video.

3. Simplify the copy on the landing page and let the video tell the story and communicate the core marketing message & CTA.

4. Use a video produced specifically for your marketing program instead of a general video about the company. The video voiceover script and screen graphics should clearly match the specific marketing program and landing page core messaging and call to action.

5. Design the landing page so it creates a clear eye path for visitors to the video player. Using arrows on the landing page that point to the video player is one way to draw visitor’s attention to the video.

6. Make sure the video player is above the page fold.

7. Include an attractive and branded video player thumb image that matches the rest of the landing page branding and design. YouTube still only provides three thumb images to choose from today (and sometime none of the three options are good options).

8. Resist the urge to use the “auto-play” feature of the video player on the landing page. Visitors to the landing page will not like it when the video starts playing automatically. Really.

9. Measure visitor engagement with the video. Use video analytics to measure the key visitor video engagement metrics including the number of video plays and average duration watched.

10. Use video as a key element for landing page A/B testing. Using video elements such as location on the landing page and video player thumb image in addition to video length can give serious marketers multiple options for identifying the ideal landing page layout for creating an uplift in visitor conversions.

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