Biking Towards A Healthier You

San Jose bike commuter

Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

Riding a bicycle is a simple yet timeless activity that always reminds me of growing up. I could be found time and time again riding around the neighborhood, to the corner store or local bike shops just to pass the time. My friends and I loved biking, and working on and customizing our bikes. I started with BMX bikes, had a few mountain bikes but most recently I’ve been gotten into cycling. I must admit, Lance Armstrong was a big influence in my initial interest in the sport. Over the past several years a few friends and I have participated in charity bike rides raising money and awareness for multiple sclerosis. I also have commuted to work on occasion which really gets the blood flowing. It was tough after first but after a while it became a very enjoyable experience. Although Ride Your Bike to Work Week was in May, it’s never a bad idea (pending weather conditions) to get out your trusty steed and hit the roads. Below is a great infographic thanks to Fitness for WeightLoss.

And if you’re concerned you aren’t prepared to ride, take a look at this blog for accessory ideas that every biker needs!

Infographic courtesy of

Infographic courtesy of

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