Blue Hair Club

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According to Urban Dictionary, a “blue hair” is defined as an old person whose white hair appears blue.  I am part of the Blue Hair Club today.  While I wouldn’t consider myself old, I did show up for work with blue streaks in my hair.   This weekend I ran the Color Run.  It is a 5K race in which every kilometer volunteers throw colored dust at the runners.  You start the race with a white shirt and end the race looking tie-dyed from top to bottom.  After hosing off in the yard, five showers, AND getting caught in a rain storm there are still traces of the dye left in my hair.  The race organization website states that the color will cling most to blond hair.  One check for me.  And highlighted hair.  Double check for me.

While I am fairly confident that blue hair does not make the list of professional attire, deciding how to present yourself for work can be challenging.  Your decisions will have to be made based on experience and research more so than hard fast, black and white, rules.  In general I believe these to be fairly universal truths.

• Dress for the position you want versus the position you have.  If it is your goal to be the CEO, do not show up for work looking like the college intern
• When visiting an organization either for an interview or for business, base your dress on the most conservative/professional look at that company.  If everyone is dressed in shorts and flip flops it may not be best to show up in a suit and tie
• If you can see belt loops at any time, regardless of sitting, standing, bending over, etc… you need a belt
• Cologne/perfume should not be worn when visiting a place for the first time.  You do not want to miss out on an opportunity because someone does not like how you smell.  When visiting an established place, cologne/perfumes is still optional and should not be noticeable in a closed elevator
• Jewelry is best limited to one ring on each hand, one watch or bracelet per wrist, one necklace, and one set of earrings
• The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that 24% of Americans, between 18 and 50 are tattooed.  While for most people, tattoos are not associated only with gang members anymore, it is best to keep them hidden until you understand the corporate culture and industry

Good thing I just celebrated my one year anniversary with Proforma.  Hopefully my blue hair will be overlooked… this time.  Note to self, wear a bandana on my hair for the next color run!

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