Brand Matters: Giving Back is Getting Back

Wanting to make a difference for the greater good is a universal desire but, for many consumers, it’s hard to know where to start. They feel like they need to identify something to give up in order to have the means to give back. But what if customers didn’t have to choose? What if they could still get the things they want and need while paying it forward? 

As opposed to direct donations, “shoppers under the age of 40 prefer to give back where they shop.”(1) Give back programs are incredibly convenient, allowing customers to take initiative on improving society while in the virtual checkout line; they allow consumers to be self-indulgent while also making an impact, and with no additional cost on their end. It’s not just good for the morale of your shoppers, but it’s good for business, too.  In a world full of problems, help your consumers be the solution. Keep your customers coming back by offering them more than just a product to enjoy – offer them a reason to feel good about enjoying it. 

In this post, we’ll discuss how give backs work, and how giving back is also getting back – for you. 

  1. How does a give back program work? 
  1. Why does it matter to consumers? 
  1. Why should it matter to you?
  1. Benefits – other than the obvious one 

1. How does a give back program work? 

As the name suggests, a give back program is simply an initiative in which a portion of proceeds from a sale goes toward a philanthropic cause. In the case of Proforma, our Supplier Partners in the promotional products industry will manage the proceeds donations on their end once the orders start coming in. Popular give back programs partner with charities and organizations that work for environmental causes, veteran’s organizations, or fighting cancer. For reasons we’ll discuss in the next section, the popularity of give back programs is rising. Our promotional product trends blog post addresses this, as well as other trends to keep an eye on in 2022.  

2. Why does it matter to consumers? 

Now more than ever, the public is more attuned to the issues that permeate our society, has strong beliefs attached to these issues, and expects businesses to follow suit. 46% of consumers take note of how brands handle the matter of social responsibility and take this into account when shopping; additionally, only 9% of consumers actually believe brands are being honest about their social responsibility claims (2). In a world over-saturated with products, it matters to consumers to have shopping options with meaning attached to them beyond simply providing self-gratification. By enacting a give back program, you are giving consumers a meaningful purchasing option while also giving them a tangible example of how your company is practicing social responsibility. 

3. Why should it matter to you? 

As a business, what matters to your clients and prospects should matter to you, too. 84% of consumers say whether or not a company supports charitable causes is important to them (3). Showing that you take ownership of your social responsibility with a give back initiative is the first crucial step. However, making consumers an intrinsic part of that initiative by tying their purchase to your giving offers them a sense of purpose, too. Ultimately, this is what will keep them coming back. 

4. Benefits – other than the obvious one 

Giving back simply for the sake of doing so benefits society as a whole, and that is already a good enough reason to implement a give back program. However, there are direct benefits to your company as well. Having a give back initiative offers an excellent way for you to build your overall brand identity and wrap it into your brand’s story. Toms footwear’s one-for-one practice of giving away a free pair of shoes for every shoe purchase is an excellent example of how a give back program can successfully become an intrinsic part of a brand’s identity when done correctly (4). Give back programs make for excellent PR among existing customers and prospects as well, and your employees will be proud to work for a company with integrity. 

5. The Takeaway 

When consumers feel like you are an integral part of their efforts to improve society, they will think of you as more than just a business that they buy from. They will think of you as a partner in their quest to make a difference for the greater good, one purchase at a time.  

We’ve done the sourcing on excellent, reputable give back Supplier Partners so that you can rest assured a portion of the proceeds are going to a noble cause. Contact us today to set up a call with a dedicated member of our team and learn more about how we can help you give back to others and get back in the process.  

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