Brand Matters: Recognition is the Mission! 

Philosopher William James once said “the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” Human nature doesn’t stop just because you’re in a workplace. The people that make up every step of the business cycle still yearn to be appreciated and recognized, and it’s important to make your employees, clients, and prospects feel valued and seen.  

In this blog post, we will discuss: 

1. The Importance of Recognition 
2. Ways to Show Recognition 
3. Paying it Forward 

The Importance of Recognition 

Recognition in the workplace accomplishes 3 key things: 

  1. It builds self-esteem and communicates appreciation 

In corporate North America, it’s easy to feel like a cog in the machine sometimes, or just another number in the company rolodex. A 2022 State of the Global Workplace survey released by Gallup found that 60% of people reported being emotionally detached at work and 19% reported being miserable.(1) There are a lot of reasons for this rising resentment toward the workplace, but one of the big ones is a lack of appreciation. 

Recognition and appreciation humanize a company and boost the self-esteem of employees, clients, and prospects. 83% of HR leaders say employee recognition programs positively affect workplace culture.(2) A constructive and supportive workplace culture brings a whole host of benefits that you can read about HERE. But the bottom line is when your employees, clients, and prospects are recognized and appreciated, they’ll feel better about themselves and better about their position in the company. 

  1. It builds relationships 

Teamwork makes the dream work, and peer recognition drives teamwork! The act of appreciating others connects people more closely both at work and at home. In a recent survey, 70% of employees said recognition makes them feel emotionally connected to peers, while another 70% say recognition makes them happier at home. Appreciation and recognition create a strong sense of belonging and comradery in a workplace, as 93% of people say they feel they fit in and belong in the organization as a result of workplace recognition.(3) 

  1. It boosts performance and productivity 

Boosted morale leads to boosted performance and productivity. Knowing your work is valued and appreciated leads to an inclination to contribute more. 79% of employees say recognition makes them work harder, and 78% say recognition makes them more productive.(4) Happy employees are productive employees, and if you can kill two birds with one stone by making those involved in your process feel good about themselves while simultaneously making them more dynamic workers, why wouldn’t you? 

Ways to Show Recognition 

So we’ve established the importance of recognition, now what does it look like in practice? There are plenty of ways to show recognition and you may need to gauge which is most effective in your office. One excellent way to recognize workers is encouraging goal setting and rewarding them when those goals are met. They’ll feel great about achieving their goals, but having their work spotlighted and rewarded will make them feel even better. It doesn’t have to be anything too lavish, just a small token or public celebration to show your appreciation. 

A “thank you” can also go a long way. It’s easy to feel taken for granted when you’re doing your job day in and day out without acknowledgement. Being intentional about showing gratitude, even for the small things, will build your employees, clients, and prospects up and make them feel seen. Thank yous and positive feedback (sometimes coupled with a small reward, sometimes not) are simple ways to foster a healthy work environment with a cornerstone of recognition and appreciation. 

Employee appreciation initiatives are also a great way to recognize good work. Giving a team that’s performing well a half day on Fridays, providing small gifts for exemplary workers, or catering a nice lunch for an afternoon are all easy ways to show recognition for the entire team and will keep morale high. 

Paying it Forward 

Even if you’ve never been a part of it, we’ve all heard stories of people paying it forward at Starbucks: one person pays for the coffee of the person behind them in the drive-thru, and a whole chain of kindness is created that makes everyone’s day a little brighter. The same principle can apply in the business world.  

For example, let’s say you gave a valued client a high-end pen and a thank you card. They would feel the love and appreciation from you, but at the same time they may feel empowered to do the same with employees in their organization, or even with someone in their personal life. An attitude of gratitude is contagious! 

Recognizing hard work, dedication, and extraordinary achievements makes the recipient feel valued, but also implores them to do the same, thus contributing to a workplace culture that builds people up and ultimately benefits them personally as well as the company. 

The Takeaway 

The ROI of recognition in the workplace is undeniable, yet it’s also not hard to implement. By showing your employees, clients, and prospects appreciation and that you value their efforts, you make them feel better about themselves and their work, you build comradery among their peers and, in turn, you even boost their performance on the job. It doesn’t take much: a simple “thank you” for a job well done or a small gift to show gratitude is sometimes all it takes to lift their spirits. And once you recognize them, they’ll recognize others, leading to a happier and healthier workplace and world in general! Contact us today to set up a call with a dedicated member of our team and make recognition and appreciation a part of your process today! 

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