Branded Travel Merchandise for Road Warriors

Today, there seems to be more business commuters than ever as we collectively travel far and wide to achieve business objectives. With so much time spent in transit, road warriors particularly appreciate branded travel merchandise that makes their expeditions easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Here are some great ideas for equipping corporate commuters with creature comforts that will keep your brand and image top-of-mind.

Branded Go-Gear

Here are five of the most popular, practical and helpful branded travel merchandise ideas proven to help marketers meet promotional goals:

  • Travel Mug: Having a hot drink or a cold beverage while on-the-go is a given, so travel mugs are in constant demand. These fit nicely into many types of cupholders found in today’s vehicles and keep your brand visible for long periods of time. These mugs are also more environmentally-friendly than paper and Styrofoam cup alternatives, so they are a great fit for companies that advocate green business practices.
  • Gadgets and Chargers: Today’s tech-savvy commuter often carries a number of productivity devices with them, so they would definitely appreciate gadgetry of this nature as well as charging solutions to keep them all juiced up. Some branded travel merchandise devices ideas include car chargers for cell phones and smartphones, hands-free Bluetooth car kits, and navigation accessories.
  • First-Aid and Emergency Auto Kit: Every driver should have a first-aid kit in the vehicle as well as a set of emergency supplies in case of an accident or bad weather. There are a wide range of kits to choose from, including basic first-aid supplies and auto safety kits to survival kits and highway emergency tool kits. It’s a great way to show the recipient your care and concern for their safety and well-being while they are out and about.
  • Cooler: When the commute is long or the entire work day involves driving, a cooler is an ideal branded travel merchandise item to store snacks and lunch items at the perfect temperature. Today’s coolers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and materials, including convenient and lightweight tote or duffel-size bags to fit in the seat beside you, the backseat, or the trunk.
  • Trunk Organizer: Many road warriors have a lot to carry on their travels, whether it be equipment, paperwork or other essentials. A trunk organizer can help keep everything in its place so it doesn’t roll around and get damaged, and can also be easily found. These organizers can be branded with logos, company names and messages and come in various sizes to fit different trunk configurations. There are even collapsible organizers that may be stored when not in use.

In Review

Help your customers or employees remain safe, alert, and comfortable when driving on business commutes while also propagating your corporate or brand identity. These are great baseline branded travel merchandise picks:

  • Travel mugs and coolers keep the driver refreshed and satiated.
  • Hands-free devices for the phone and navigation systems help keep eyes on traffic and otherwise adhere to all the rules of the road.
  • A wide range of first-aid, emergency auto, and disaster kits are available, keeping drivers safe and prepared for emergencies.
  • Trunk organizers help business travelers remain organized and prevent items from getting damaged.

Source: Branded Travel Merchandise for Road Warriors

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