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I started off concepting this blog to discuss business processes and go figure I ended up focusing on branding. Wouldn’t you know, and I hate to do it mostly because it’s overdone, but I’m here today to talk about Apple. According to Business Insider, Apple has set the benchmark in branding again in 2013 .

From discussions during my MBA days to everyday conversations with people so detached from marketing that they don’t even recognize why Apple makes them feel the way they do; Apple is it. And it has sustained continued success for more than a decade. Think about what Apple would be if the iPod had not been invented.

The reason I picked Apple as the primary focus of this blog is based on a print ad I saw in GQ a month or two ago. It was, in true Apple fashion, simple, sleek and to the point but it also resonated with me to the point that I remember it nearly 60 days later. I couldn’t help but feel a connection to the ad. …and they say print is dead

We’ve all been there, exhausted during a long run or workout. The only thing we have with us is our music. The iPod doesn’t even matter. It’s a vehicle mobilizing our only motivation to finish through two tiny ear buds. But at the same time the iPod is your only material possession with us at that moment and it’s essential to the completion of your workout.

And that’s exactly the point. Good brands are able to set the tone, create the scene, and make us a part of it all. The below ad provided by Apple, Inc. does all of this and more. It creates a connection that is priceless, unmistakable, and essential to the longevity of a business in today’s competitive market place.

Image courtesy of Apple, Inc.

Image courtesy of Apple, Inc.















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