How to Build a Balanced Team

Image courtesy of Luigi Mengato's photostream

Image courtesy of Luigi Mengato’s photostream

Hiring the right people is a skill.  When I first started hiring I was immediately drawn to people who were like me.  I would fill my team with those folks, because, of course, my way was the only way to be successful.

I was so naïve.

The best teams are built from a variety of styles that balance the group.  Here are the key people to look for when hiring a balanced team.

1.    Mr./Ms. Cool, Calm, and Collected:This person doesn’t rattle with increased pressure, when problems arise, or when things go wrong.  You can count on them to handle tasks like staff scheduling or report generation.

2.    Sense of Urgency Sergeant:This is the person I want to call on when I need something and I need it now.  I know this person will knock down any obstacle in their path to get me the information I need.

3.    The Brainiac:This person is Smart, with a capital S.  They can take the initiative to figure out even the toughest of problems.  You can count on this person to take a fresh eyes look at process or procedures and recommend efficient solutions.

4.    The Shy Guy/Gal:This person keeps their head down and works.  You can count on them to consistently produce and stay focused on the end goal.

5.    The Bundle of Joy:This person is happy.  All. The. Time.  You can count on them to value customers, the team, and the leadership and be the face of your company or product.  They care deeply in what they do.

When you build a team with a variety of skill sets the end result is always better than a team full of people just like you.

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