Build Great Relationships at Work in 2015

Image courtesy of Phil Whitehouse's photostream

Image courtesy of Phil Whitehouse’s photostream

Building a healthy relationship with your coworkers can play a huge role in having a successful career and also great business practice. In some cases, you see your coworkers more than you see your family. Why wouldn’t you want to have a good relationship with them? Here are a few things that will help you build great working relationships.

Common Courtesy:  
There is nothing more awkward than passing a coworker in the hall and greeting them with a friendly “hello,” only to receive a stone-cold stare in return. There isn’t a need for lengthy conversation at every passing, but a happy exchange of hellos can go a long way.

Courtesies aren’t just limited to salutations, but can apply to many other aspects in the workplace. Be aware of those around you, don’t borrow things without asking and clean up after yourself. Use common courtesies to start building a great working atmosphere.

Being able to communicate is a very important part of not only business, but life. Without being able to communicate effectively, it can create difficult and sometimes uncomfortable situations or leave the person you are talking to unsure and maybe uneasy of the conversation you just had. Make sure your point is clear and concise.

Effective communication seems simple enough, but it takes practice and effort. If you are having a difficult time delivering a message to a coworker, try saying it in a different way. Sometimes all it takes is a rephrasing for someone to make a connection. Communicating is an art and all great artists had to put the time in to master their craft.

Welcome Others:
If there is a new employee who joined, welcome them and make them feel at home. As I said above, most people spend more time with their coworkers than their families. A new employee joins a team without knowing anyone so do your best to make them feel comfortable.

The impressions a new employee forms during the first few days will set the tone for their experience. It is worth the time to make a new employee feel welcome and positive about their position. If a person is going to join your team, it is important to make them feel a part of it. Make an impact by welcoming them into their new home.

There are many ways to build great working relationships and these are just a few. Build and establish a pleasant place of work that you and others can enjoy going to. After all, we spend most of our waking hours together. The least we can do is make a positive working atmosphere.

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