Building an Audience by Blogging

50000Building an audience online is no easy task. With social media outlets popping up out of nowhere, where is the best place to join the conversation?

Yeah, most large-scale to small-scale brands take advantage of Facebook’s ever growing popularity as part of their marketing mix but for different reasons. I think it can be assumed that most small-scale business or start-ups are utilizing social media outlets not for their viral nature but for their cost…which amounts to nothing more than time devoted.

Established businesses such as Pepsi, Subaru and J. Crew are taking advantage of social media for opposing reasons. The free part is only a perk of it not the reason for participation. Large brands are using social media to drive user engagement and communicate special offerings (for the most part).

Providing emotional connections or even value can be part of their strategy too. Think HGTV. Why are they always posting instructions or or how-to’s on their website, social media and blog? It isn’t because it’s a trade secret. The information they are publishing isn’t proprietary. It’s public knowledge – they’re just organizing it so your projects get done quicker and you gain some know-how, and all thanks to their article, post, pin or tweet.

Nice of them, right?

Here at Proforma we’ve been working on building an audience of our own. Our strategy to get there is through many of the major social media outlets which are primarily driven by our blog with regards to content. The Proforma Blog was introduced in September of 2011 and to date we have posted more than 275 articles, have 13 regular contributors internally and externally, have more than 300 subscribers, have more than 14,500 shares, and most impressive is the number of unique views which has surpassed more than 50,000 in only 24 months!

The Proforma Blog has also been featured as a part of Alltop which is a content aggregator started by Guy Kawasaki. We have found success through consistent and unique content sharing. At first the Proforma Blog was publishing content a few times a month. Today we are work on a firm yet flexible schedule to post roughly 3 – 5 times per week.

Our contributors come with expertise in marketing, business development and technology to name a few. We hope you have enjoyed the content we’ve been sharing for the past 24 months, and that you’ll continue to visit us each day to learn more from our staff.

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