Building Strong Client Relationships

Among many employees, clients or business owners we all interact with on a daily basis, I feel we often forget the importance our current clients hold once we’ve obtained their business relationship. Our efforts and attention to detail are still as important several years into the relationship as they were on the first day they came knocking on our door for help. In fact, much of your time spent networking and marketing for new business can be refocused onto what’s already been accomplished.

A happy returning client will always bring more along with them. While you might think it will take up too much of your time and energy to maintain your relationships, in reality these are the relationships that can lead to new business through referrals. Below are three pieces of advice I share with others for accomplishing and maintaining strong client relationships.

Give Value

No matter how big or small your client’s project may be, you need to show the quality the task holds. In reality it may not hold any value to you, but to your client it’s important and because of that, it must be important to you. This is where your trust is put into play. No matter the size or revenue, your client needs to believe it will be handled like all the rest, receiving the same attention and quality of work as others.

A good way to show interest and value is by taking the time to point out additional areas where you can add worth to their project. Hearing your input will make your client feel as though you’re putting in the effort and time needed for a successful project, especially if they’re not expecting it. Showing tokens of thought on your own time can build your reputation while letting your clients know you’re there for them.

Beyond The Quote

It’s important to make sure you’re quoting your clients to bring in the revenue needed, while providing appealing work so the client remains a returning customer. Quoting can be one of the most difficult tasks for any business owner but it’s okay to be somewhat flexible. It’s important to remember that there is so much to benefit from a quote that goes beyond making a few extra dollars. It’s also very normal to put in a little extra time of your own that you didn’t expect when you originally quoted your client.

The importance lies in making sure the project is not only done correctly but is something you’re proud of. If you wouldn’t want to use it as an example for other clients, then you didn’t do your job. Provide them with a quote that covers completing the job, anything else done is for the benefit of both you and the client. This helps to keep your quoting appealing and worth the client’s return, which means continued money in your pocket.

Unlimited Communication

The most important part of any successful business is communication. From start to end there should be no gaps that leave anyone guessing where a project currently stands. In our world today, technology gives us multiple ways to stay connected, meaning there are no excuses as to why you cannot respond within a timely manner. Being provided with quick responses, thorough information and estimations will leave the client feeling good about your service without any worry associated. Even after a project is completed, drop them a quick message asking them how their business is going. This way you stay at the forefront of their mind and remind them of your capabilities.

AboutJessica Sheneman

Jessica Sheneman joined the Proforma Creative Services Team as the Senior Graphic Designer in April 2017. Her primary role is working one-on-one with Owners to create visually appealing designs to help them build a successful relationship with their clients. She also works on internal projects such as Proforma’s Connections Newsletter, the Annual Wall Calendar, Essentials and more. Jessica graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Marti College with an Associate's Degree of Applied Business in Graphic Design. Outside of work she loves to spend time with family, go for hikes, read, craft and attend hockey games.

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