Can I Get Some Customer Service Here?!?!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKcAAAAJDA1N2UyZDdkLTg2NTMtNDAxNy05MWYwLThhY2IwMTVkYWQzYQAt the very core of any business that focuses on providing products and / or services there MUST be a focus on customer service…

The old adage “the customer is always right” certainly rings true. If you want to keep a strong customer base… a base of customers who always come back for more product and service offerings over and over again then you have to provide top notch customer service.

Here are a few steps to ensure that your client feels comforted throughout the sales process…

1.    Be Honest – Be honest and upfront about your capabilities and what costs are involved. Do not just throw pricing at the client out of thin air. Do the proper research and present a detailed quote on products and services. If you cannot provide your client with a certain product or service introduce them to a trusted contact in your network. They will be very grateful for the introduction.
2.    Be Patient – Hand holding is a very important part of the customer service process. If the client has never ordered the product and / or service offering in the past they will need to be educated thoroughly so that no stone is left unturned and they feel comfortable about their impending purchase.
3.    Provide Options – Be sure to provide multiple options to show versatility.
4.    Follow Up – Once the transaction is complete follow up with your client to see if they are completely satisfied about the overall experience. If they are not then take immediate action to right the ship.

Lastly, you must have all team members on the same page in regards to customer service standards. Your clients will most likely be dealing with multiple people within your business or organization so you want your colleagues to service your clients properly as per the set standards.

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AboutJames Higgins

My name is James Higgins but I am better known as the Seven Foot High Print & Promo Guy throughout the NY-NJ-CT tristate area. There is one thing that I have focused on during my entire sales career - customer service. Clients are the lifeblood of any healthy sales pipeline so I make sure to service my clients to the best of my ability at all times. Proforma Gateway Solutions assists companies of all sizes throughout many different industries to provide them with marketing services that will allow them to garner the attention of their prospective clientele. I am an avid basketball fan, player, coach and overall student of the game. Working within a team atmosphere is truly food for my soul. I know that to have a competitive edge all players on the team need to be in sync with one another.

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