Can Pinterest Peak Your PICterest?

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It is more important today for your business to be on social media than ever before.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal and professional blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and so many more.

The newest social media craze is Pinterest.  There is clear confusion in the business world as to how one can use Pinterest to benefit their business.  It’s simple. PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!


There are a few rules that can really help you engage your Pinterest audience and get your photos shared.

To start, remember the old saying, “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words.” Don’t add your logo to your images; don’t post a paragraph of information underneath the image.  Just take a picture of your product.  SIMPLICITY is key! Include the link to the product on your eCommerce site (if you have one) or to your businesses web page.   TAKE AWAY: Simple Pictures have the longest legs.

Second, ensure that the photos you are pinning to Pinterest are in the right format.  Find out what people are pinning from your boards.  Install the Pin It button, visit one of your own webpages, and see what images come up after hitting “Pin It.” Remember: Only images and videos are pinnable- not slideshows.  TAKE AWAY: Check, check, and double check your website images work well with Pinterest (Images Infographic Article)


GET CREATIVE. If you don’t think you have any products or services worth a picture, your audience will agree.  So think outside the product-focused box and share what your audience values.  Get into their heads— are they athletes? Professionals? Are they stay-at-home moms or Soccer Dads? Get to know your target audience- it will lead you to creative image ideas for your own business.  TAKE AWAY: Pinterest doesn’t have to always be about your product and services.

Number 4. People love freebies.  No, it doesn’t have to be one of your products or services.  We’ll accept anything… if it’s free.  So again, learn who your customer is and what they like to do.  If it’s going out to restaurants, give away a free $25 Panera card.  TAKE AWAY: promote a contest on Pinterest.

Finally, humans attach emotions to pictures.  Pictures make them smile, cry, laugh, hide, excite, salivate, etc.  Keep that in mind when you are choosing what images to include on your webpage and to Pin on Pinterest.  Whatever emotion you are trying to convey, whatever response you want to elicit, make sure your pictures are doing so.  TAKE AWAY: Use imagery your audience can relate to and will feel something for.

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